Huaxing violins history

Huaxing violins making factory set up in 1994. Our company always keep reasearching and cooperating with domestic and foreign famous violins makers, providing consumers with well-made violins and its fittings. In the past 20 years, Huaxing not only got great development in its scale, but also did great contribution to China violin making industry with its valuable experience.


Huangxing violins have been awarded several international prizes

In the past 20 years, Huangxing has been growing rapidly with the pace of modernization development in China. With high quality and good service, our products are in great demand on both domestic and foreign markets. We have cellos, violas, violins and related fittings. In the meantime, Huangxing has been awarded several prized on the international stage of violin manufacturing technology.


Huaxing international honors

  • November 2006, the silver madal for violin tone at the 17th International Violin Making Competition in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • November 2008, the certificate of merit for cello tone and quartet tone at the 18th International Violin Making Competition in Portland, Oregon.
  • November 2011, the certificate of merit for viola tone and quarted tone at the 19th International Violin Making Competition
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Huangxing endeavors in promoting music learning

Except for producing violins with high quality, Huangxing has been cooperated with domestic music education institutions of music education. We are devoted to cultivating a new generation to take a keen interest in music and art. We’ve also set up musical instrument stores for music fans, providing qualified teachers and special discount. Welcome to Huangxing musical instrument stores.


Huaxing ignites violins study strom

  • Keep cooperation with Guangzhou Children Palace
  • Y2002, holding violin performacing contest with GCP
  • Y2004, supporting National teenagers violins contest
  • Y2006-2008, supporting Guangdong violins contest
  • We have off-line store, serving our valuable clients
  • Professional violin teachers are available for you
  • Adreess: No.10, yuehudasha, 120# Dongfongxilu, Guangzhou
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Huaxing acoustic investigation workshop

For many years, we keep interacting and exchanging ideas with domestic and foreign top acoustics institues and instrument designers and makers, in order to provide perfect sound and good quality instruments to consumers. Besides, Huaxing has positively invented violins related products, like violinspeaker, later we will release this new kind of HIFI system to the market.


Violinspeaker--a real sound system

  • 500 years Italian traditional violin production process
  • Non-directionality sound traveling
  • 360 degrees spread, creating a three-dimensional space
  • Rich harmonics, your private string orchestra
  • Superhigh frequency, visual dramatic sound
  • A star product in 2012 international CES display
  • You can search this new kind of product on Google or Yahoo