Huaxing violins making factory

Huaxing violins making factory of Guangzhou is a professional manufacturer of instruments, especially good at violins, violas, cellos.

Our employees are well-trained by international violin makers. We use classical violin-making techniques marked the international standards.

We welcome you to visit our modern factory and professional staffs. We sure you will be satisfied with our products.



Professional violins

Professional violins with

AM-200A/B violin/viola/cello

Classical violins

Classicial violins with

BV-204 violin/cello, CV-202 violin/cello

Student violins

Student violins with

with AV-100 violin, BV-201 cello

Huaxing violins making standards

Our products all undergo strict quality testing before sending to clients.

  • Hand-made, every luthiers are well-trained.
  • Italian traditional process, showing violins classical beauty.
  • Via modern technology, ensure the perfect sound of violins.
  • Live up to global violins making standards.
  • Repeated debugging for perfect experience to our clients.

Huaxing acoustic investigation workshop

Huaxing violins has always been researching traditional violins making craft manship, besides, we are planing to open a professional acoustic investigation workshop, regularly inviting foreign famous violins making luthiers and acoustic master to exchange ideas for better development and improvement on our violins.


More detail--under construction